Top 5 social media moments from Eagles parade

Long: 'Eagles are the center of the football universe' (1:13)

Chris Long and Lane Johnson hype up the Eagles crowd with some interesting wardrobe choices and screaming loud E-A-G-L-E-S chants. (1:13)

Thursday’s parade celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles' first Super Bowl title was a total scene. It was one big beer-tossing, pole-climbing, street-dancing, emotion-emitting party, and the footage keeps rolling in.

We swam through most of it to bring you the five best moments captured on social media:

5. Jason Kelce crowd-surfing

The Eagles’ center stole the show with his epic rant to cap the festivities. But before the mic-drop, there was an entire parade route to dominate. Dressed in a green Mummer’s costume, the 6-foot-3, 295-pound Kelce was captured crowd surfing his way through South Philly.

I'm not sure an athlete has done more for his or her Q rating in a single day.

4. Doug Pederson’s one-handed grab

We learned that Pederson is a pretty cool customer in Minneapolis, when he stood toe to toe with Bill Belichick and didn’t blink. Just in case that didn’t convince you, here he is casually snaring a beer tossed to him from the crowd.

3. Electric Slide redux

The Eagles' defense got off the float to re-enact their Electric Slide celebration from earlier in the season. Malcolm Jenkins, Rodney McLeod, Jalen Mills & Co. reminded everyone just how much fun this team had along the way.

2. Police dancing with the people

What better example of why sports are great? This officer got swept up in the moment and cut it loose with the people at some random Philly gas station. It’s hard to picture many other events that would melt away rigid roles and allow people to celebrate as one like this.

1. Honoring those who have passed

Some showed up at the Art Museum at 10 p.m. the night before to get a prime spot. Ask why, and there’s a good chance you heard a story about a loved one who is no longer with us, and a desire to represent on their behalf. Some brought ashes of family members to sprinkle on the parade grounds.

A man by the name of Dennis carried an urn containing the remains of his wife, Becky, saying simply: "She was a die-hard Eagles fan so I had to make sure she was here for this."

Reminding us that in Philadelphia, football has a deeper meaning.