EnVyUs announces official PUBG team

Bluehole Studios / Steam

We have said it before, but there is no doubt that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are one of the biggest games, not only this year, but probably for the next few years to come.

The game hasn't reached full release yet, and it has already crossed to 10 million copies sold mark and recently achieved over 2 million concurrent users.

One of the biggest events recently to include PUBG was the Gamescom Invitational, and the game has also been added to the IEM Oakland roster.

While there aren't as many professional PUBG teams as CSGO, more esports organisations are gather their troops for it.

Team EnVyUs is just the latest side to create a squad specifically for PUBG, and it made the official announcement on their website.

"As PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds expands in the esports scene - and in our office - we here at Team Envy are excited to announce our newest addition," it said.

The team's Highground lineup will now be used for PUBG, and consists of Alec 'Czechshooter' Hobizal, Zachary 'Venerated' Roach, Caden 'Cad3n' Brill, and Jesse 'Jesselol' Enzsol.

"Together with manager Christopher "BixLe" Dunbar, our team is ready to dominate the island!" the team concluded.