Pirelli to introduce new compound in 2018

Pirelli will introduce a new compound at the softest end of its range for the 2018 season and have offered fans the chance to vote on its name.

F1's tyre supplier wants to give teams even more choice in tyres for next year and revealed in Brazil that at least three new compounds are being considered. Shortly after the Brazilian Grand Prix, Pirelli revealed a new pink compound will join its range next year.

The name is yet to be confirmed, but Pirelli has provided three options.

The current range goes: Hard (orange), medium (white), soft (yellow), super-soft (red) and ultra-soft (purple). The last of those was added ahead of the 2016 season but, as of next season, will not be the softest tyre available to teams.

That list could increase in 2018, with Pirelli's F1 boss Mario Isola revealing it could be "between five and eight,"

He added: "We will have a range that is more usable, including the [new] hard, so we'll have five compounds that are usable. We want to increase this range, and this is the reason why probably we are going to homologate more than five. If you exaggerate the number it looks like you are confused. So we need to choose a number that is enough to give us the flexibility [but is] not too big."

Pirelli trailled a pink-walled tyre at the U.S. Grand Prix when the colour replaced the purple colours on the ultra-soft tyre in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.