Man United's Marouane Fellaini rocks Mickey Mouse-style bunches in GQ

It may not be as slick as some of his contemporaries, but it's undeniable that Marouane Fellaini has cultivated one of the most iconic images in world football.

Boasting a lanky 6ft 4in tall frame topped with a gigantic sprawling halo of thick wiry hair; it's difficult to miss Fellaini as he goes about his business.

However, it looks like the Manchester United midfielder may have updated his signature appearance, especially if these shots from a recent GQ Style magazine shoot are anything to go by.

As you can see, Fellaini's trademark locks have been tamed into two large, spherical bunches that rather give him the air of a certain Mickey/Minnie Mouse.

It's definitely a strong look -- and we're going to be polite and leave it at that.