West Ham chief Karren Brady plugs new TV show as team kicks off vs. Stoke

Not for the first time, Karren Brady incurred the wrath of West Ham fans with an ill-timed tweet published on Monday evening.

Just 15 minutes before the Hammers were due to kick off their Monday night TV game against Stoke City at the London Stadium, the club's executive vice-chairman forewent any comment on the game to instead remind her followers to watch her new television series, which started at the same time on UK channel ITV.

Of course, Brady's tweet was met with a barrage of incredulous replies from West Ham fans, many of whom questioned whether or not she was even aware her club had a game scheduled for that evening.

Along with the club's owners, Davids Gold and Sullivan, Brady is a largely unpopular figure among the Hammers fans due to her tireless work in uprooting the club from their spiritual home at Upton Park in favour of a move across town to the cavernous Olympic bowl.

Such a PR faux-pas is hardly going to help improve her standing.