Liverpool's Loris Karius concussion: Low UCL final rating rescinded

German newspaper Bild has rescinded the rating it gave to Loris Karius for his performance in the Champions League final.

The paper initially gave the Liverpool goalkeeper a 6 rating (their ratings go 1-6, with 6 as the worst) after he made two costly blunders in the 3-1 loss against Real Madrid.

However, medical scans have since revealed that Karius suffered a concussion shortly before he made the first of his errors which allowed Karim Benzema to open the scoring early in the second half.

"We draw our consequences from the diagnosis. We are rescinding the 6 rating for the former Mainz player [Karius]," Bild said.

"You can't measure his blunders by normal standards because of the concussion.

"It's a fact: The diagnosis won't hand Karius and Liverpool the trophy, but it will restore the goal keepers honour!"

Elsewhere, Benzema has also attempted to at least partially absolve Karius of the full weight of the blame, despite the Madrid striker capitalising directly from the first gaffe of the night.

"It is not about luck, you must be in the right place at the right time. I don't believe in luck, it is about hard work always," he said.

"It was an easy goal, but you had to be there to score it."