Premier League title can help Man City grow in stature - Pep Guardiola

LONDON, England -- Pep Guardiola believes that Manchester City will grow in stature after he secured his first Premier League title with the club.

City claimed the crown with five games remaining, equalling the fastest-ever title success and are on schedule to break the points and goals record for a single season.

Guardiola's side also set a new record for most consecutive victories with 18 wins in a row earlier in the season and the City boss said the players showed their quality to claim the title.

"To make 18 wins in a row you have to be mentally strong and [against Tottenham] they again showed me how strong they are and this is important to help build up this club a little bit higher," he told a news conference after their 3-1 victory over Spurs.

"Manchester City is not like [Manchester] United or Chelsea -- the big clubs in England have trophies and a lot of history behind them. Sometimes you have to do these sort of things to believe 'wow, we are good too, like the others.'

"The way we played helped us reach our target. Of course next season it's not going to happen the same, it's impossible. It's the target to say we were able to to do that and if we are able to do it once then we are able to do it twice so we have to try to be consistent next season.

"It's more complicated. But I think for the club, not just the players, all the departments in the club can believe. The people can believe Manchester City is a good team and a good club. That will give us a lot of points in the future."

City have won 28 of their 33 games, including victories away to Chelsea, United and now Tottenham as well as thrashing Liverpool and Spurs at home.

But Guardiola believes the 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge was a pivotal moment when Kevin De Bruyne's goal saw them pick up a deserved three points after dominating against the defending champions.

"We played so good in many games," Guardiola said. "I think winning in Stamford Bridge gave us the confidence that we can do that.

"Last season against the other contenders was not so good, we won few games. That gave us [confidence], against the last champions we are able to go there and played the way we played.

"But in general we were so stable. We conceded goals but the most important detail is not the goal you concede but the chances you concede and in every game it was few and [while] playing so offensively."

Guardiola also praised his young players -- with Leroy Sane, Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus scoring crucial goals -- and he believes they will learn from their Champions League disappointment.

"Okay, Sergio [Aguero] is a genius, a top player but about 30-years-old. But the others are 21, 22, 23," he added. "So we won with guys that are so young.

"Playing in the Champions League at that age, sometimes it's complicated and maybe it's a good lesson for them for the future and for next season."

City players have been rewarded with three days' off once the title was secured following United's shock 1-0 home defeat to bottom-of-the-table West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.

"Wednesday afternoon we will be back. The last week was tough for us," Guardiola said. "The Premier League is the constant -- every day, every day, every day -- and we were there every day."