Giants sweep past Vixens in Super Netball

A free-flowing Giants expertly shut down a late push as they defeated Melbourne Vixens 58-51 in their Super Netball clash on Sunday.

The Giants were firing with ball in hand as they took the lead in the second quarter; fluid passing and quick reactions making it easy for those under the post to keep the lead from the Vixens.

Melbourne were capable of outdoing the Giants when they could get the ball to goal shooter Mwai Kumwenda (38 from 38), but their midcourt struggled to capitalise on turnovers and losing possession themselves far more often.

Giants Goal attack Jo Harten (24/28) was a constant threat by shot or assist but her game went beyond that - on one occasion feigning disinterest as she retrieved a penalty ball before suddenly completing a scoring play.

The English Rose was visibly hurting during and after the clash, hitting the deck a number of times and having her thumb strapped after awkward contact with the ball.

"I'm not used to playing 60 (minutes) at goal attack so there's going to be a few little bruises on my thumb and on my face but I love it," Harten said.

"I love trying to get to stuck in and that's why we play the game."

As she has in recent weeks, Giants shooter Kristina Brice (17/20) came off the bench and dominated under the post - a change of pace from the more agile Susan Pettitt presenting a new problem for opposition teams whenever coach Julie Fitzgerald decides to call on her.

Fitzgerald praised her side's ability to cut short any sustained pressure from the opposition.

"I think that there were times when the Vixens came back and I got very nervous but we managed to pull ourselves out of every situation," she said.

It wasn't all bad for the Vixens who came away with a bonus point for taking the first quarter.

But the Giants got the major spoils with seven valuable points and they can now challenge for top spot on the ladder next weekend.