Perry Baker column: Only our very best will do at Sevens World Cup

Perry Baker and his U.S. teammates will face either Wales or Zimbabwe in their opening game of the Sevens World Cup in San Francisco. Ben Nelms/Getty Images

With the U.S. Eagles beating Scotland and Canada last month, the inaugural season of Major League Rugby reaching its climax this weekend and then the Rugby World Cup Sevens being staged in San Francisco on July 20-22, this is an amazing time for rugby union in the United States.

There is a snowball effect happening and we want to be part of that feel-good factor and help grow rugby union here in the the country. I've been watching the MLR games and it's been great rugby.

Having completed my rehabilitation following the shoulder injury which stopped me from competing in the final two rounds of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, I am now able to focus on getting into the best possible shape for upcoming World Cup.

Mentally, it was tough to sit and watch when you want to be out there with the guys -- it really is super hard to do.

Now, every day and in every training session, all I am thinking about is the World Cup and our opening game on July 20.

What the injury did allow me to do was take a different view of the final two rounds of the Sevens Series, with the perspective of looking in from the outside.

It was interesting to see how different teams are trying to evolve their tactics. We have a chance of facing England at some point if things go well in the tournament and I noticed that they are moving their players around to get them in different positions on the pitch.

With every country aiming to win the World Cup, no stone will be left unturned to bring something different to the party and, hopefully, make the difference.

Normally at this stage of the season we would be looking back on what happened in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens season and preparing for a summer break.

That is not the case this year because after talking about the World Cup for so long, it's about to arrive. Now it's all about peaking for the tournament.

It is like treating your body as if it was a machine; fine tuning everything and getting the tactical and technical things in place to ensure we can deliver the kind of performances that will be needed to lift the trophy.

We've looked back on the Las Vegas tournament and have talked about how we can produce the kind of consistency that will make us one of those top four teams..

That debrief identified that we always seem to start slowly in our first game. We need to be starting super quick and then building on that kind of performance.

We know that when we bring our A-game to the party it can make us unbeatable. To achieve that on a regular basis requires every single member of the squad to deliver their very best, and that is what will be required to become World Cup winners next month.

All the work our squad is doing to get ready for San Francisco is being recorded for the special 'Pioneers' film that is being produced to coincide with the start of the tournament, and so the fans will be able to see exactly how much the World Cup means to us.

Bring it on!