Give WA a hub says Eagles coach Adam Simpson

Eagles coach Adam Simpson has called for a western footy hub to be on the agenda if restrictions aren't eased in Western Australia following the Eagles' first four-game stint in Queensland.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Simpson was against spending any more time than absolutely necessary on the Gold Coast, and said it would be even less ideal to have to move from Queensland to a Victorian hub if Western Australia's borders aren't opened.

He said the AFL may need to consider a Western Australian hub for a number of the league's other teams to visit.

"We don't want to be [staying in Queensland or moving to Victoria]. That's our biggest concern ... ideally it's four weeks and we're back here and the border restrictions get lifted, or there's some sort of hub situation over here," Simpson said

"I'm sure there's some planning going on in that space, but until we get closer to the mark of when we have to return, we won't know. We're patient but also in a little bit of a rush with that.

"But [at this stage] it's four or five weeks ... we've got to do the right thing for the competition. It is what it is at the moment."

Simpson said that it wasn't only players and coaches who were being moved away from family and friends, but an army of more than 70 staff as well, and expecting them to relocate for an extended period of time wasn't reasonable.

"That's the biggest thing our players and staff are grappling with at the moment, the anxiety of the fact we don't want to be there for the whole year and that's not fair on anyone," the coach said.

"The quicker we can get a decision on our return date, the better for our families and for us."

The Eagles' Round 2 clash is against the Gold Coast Suns at Metricon Stadium on June 13.