Andrew McLeod's AFL feud with Adelaide Crows escalates further

Andrew McLeod's back-and-forth with his former club Adelaide has continued, with the Crows' games record holder saying change was needed from the "top down".

Earlier this week, McLeod said he didn't feel comfortable going back to the club he represented in 340 senior games from 1995-2010.

"I don't walk into the changerooms. It's one of those things, and I have had this conversation with a lot of my old teammates, is that it's not a place that you feel welcomed," the two-time premiership winner -- who also won Norm Smith Medals in the Crows' 1997 and 1998 flags -- said on his Bunji & Brettster podcast.

The admission drew immediate rebuttal from Crows powerbrokers, with Adelaide great and board member Mark Ricciuto saying he was "really disappointed" in McLeod's comments.

Crows board member Rod Jameson said he was surprised at the comments, pointing out McLeod still worked at the club as an assistant coach with the successful AFLW team.

"It's really surprising, I spoke to Andrew [McLeod] and he feels the way he does which is unfortunate," he told SEN Radio.

"If he wants to speak, he should but from our past players' perspective, we couldn't be doing anything better from the programs we have in place and the AFL Players' Association have recognised that for a number of years."

On Thursday night, the feud escalated when McLeod's spoke on his podcast.

"My comments were honest about the lack of what I perceive to be a real connection I have had with my football club for some time now," he said.

"I believe our clubs needs tangible authenticity, like creating a culture that makes you feel welcome, like you belong and are valued, no matter who you may be.

"Something is wrong. Change begins when you firstly acknowledge it, have those tough conversations and then action it - and in this case, it has to be top down. Let's see those in charge of front office walk the walk and lead this change like it once used to. No more spin, or trying to change the narrative like what has happened in the past 24 hours by those jumping on their soapboxes and trying to angle it back on me as my issue."

McLeod also said he had spoken with new coach Matthew Nicks and captain Taylor Walker, and had "reinforced my support to them and our team."