Cardinals watching Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa at NFL combine

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The NFL combine is the Arizona Cardinals' oyster.

With the No. 1 pick in April's draft, they can do whatever they'd like. Keep it. Trade it. Draft Kyler Murray. Draft Nick Bosa. Anything. Everything.

While the likelihood of the Cardinals trading down to stockpile more picks remains high, there's still a chance that the Cardinals will stay at No. 1 to pick a pass-rusher whom they can insert right into the lineup.

If it's Bosa, then he'll have to transition to a new style of defense under Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph, who runs a 4-3. But Joseph isn't concerned.

"Four-three college ends, they grow to be outside 'backers," Joseph said. "It's a learned ability."

Here are three players the Cardinals may consider:

Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Why the Cardinals are watching: There are two reasons. The first: What if coach Kliff Kingsbury really does want to draft Murray with the top pick in the draft? Then the Cardinals have to be prepared for what they're getting in Murray. Obviously, the combine isn't the end-all, be-all of scouting, but his performance will be a critical moment for Murray's stock and the Cardinals will have their eyes locked on him. The second: If the Cardinals are interested in trading the pick, then it'd be in their best interest to show as much attention as possible to Murray as a way of driving up the price of the top pick. Worth noting, Kingsbury has said he's sticking by last season's first-round pick, Josh Rosen, at quarterback.

What the Cardinals want to see: If the Cardinals are truly interested in Murray, they want to see if he can make all the throws from either a dropback or the shotgun. It's highly unlikely that Murray will be rolling out or on the move as much as he was at Oklahoma, so for him to succeed in the NFL, he'll have to stay in the pocket and make the throws.

Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

Why the Cardinals are watching: If Joseph is right and college 4-3 defensive ends grow into NFL outside linebackers, then the Cardinals may take Bosa, who's widely regarded as the best defensive player in this year's draft. Pairing him with someone like Chandler Jones could make for a devastating pass rush in Arizona -- that is if the Cards stay at No. 1.

What the Cardinals want to see: Bosa's medical reports will make or break his stock. If the Cardinals see anything that concerns them, don't be surprised if they take a hard pass on Bosa, who suffered a core injury in college that ended his junior season and all but forced him into the NFL draft. His older brother, Chargers pass-rusher Joey Bosa, has also dealt with injuries during his pro career.

Josh Allen, OLB, Kentucky

Why the Cardinals are watching: Allen will require considerable attention. He's already an outside linebacker, so the move to an NFL 3-4 defense won't be a major transition. He had 17 sacks last season for Kentucky, so he's accustomed to getting to the quarterback. If his medical test checks out better than Bosa's and the Cards want to stay at No. 1, he might be the pick.

What the Cardinals want to see: They want someone who's dominant off the edge and can line up with a hand on the ground. He needs to be quick out of an upright stance and able to drop back, if needed.