Cubs are all about nicknames and track suits this week

CHICAGO -- So which Chicago Cubs nickname do you like the best?

"I like Snake," reliever Trevor Cahill said regarding Jake Arrieta.

"I'll take A-Dubs," Ben Zobrist indicated of Adam Warren.

If you're in Philadelphia this week you'll be able to see the entire team wearing their new track suits with their nicknames on the back of them as Joe Maddon green lighted a "track suit road trip" and pitcher Jon Lester and strength coach Tim Buss supplied the outfits.

"We wanted to get that college basketball team look," pitcher Kyle Hendricks said. "We'll be comfortable. I know that."

Hendricks will be known as 'Karl' this week because bullpen catcher Chad Noble likes to add an "R" to names.

"He even calls my fiancé Erma instead of Emma," Hendricks said. "I don't know why."

Some nicknames are better than others and some don't even have any -- Cahill simply has 'Trevor' on the back of his.

"Guess they couldn't come up with one," he said.

The Cubs also missed a great opportunity with Tommy La Stella as Maddon has referred to him as "3 a.m." in regards to his ability to "wake up and hit anyone at 3 in the morning."

"I'm just Tommy," La Stella said. "I think these guys would give me a lot of crap if it said '3 a.m.'"

Here are a few other nicknames that were on track suits hanging in the Cubs clubhouse on Saturday morning:

Zo for Zobrist

Jhey for Jason Heyward

Addy for Addison Russell

Jor-ge for Jorge Soler

Stropy for Pedro Strop

Ronny for Hector Rondon

Szcz-URRRRR for Matt Szczur

Rizz for Anthony Rizzo

Reaper for Justin Grimm

Hammer for Jason Hammel

Dex for Dexter Fowler

KB for Kris Bryant

Fed for Tim Federowicz

Joe Maddon met with reporters wearing his track suit with 'Joey' on the back of it. All in all the Cubs are excited about the comfort and "look" they'll have on the trip.

"It's a cool idea for everyone to have their nicknames on their back," Heyward said. "It's a great idea."