Bengals rookies pick up $10K bar tab for annual D-line dinner

CINCINNATI -- Some Cincinnati Bengals veterans had a bit of fun with the rookies to kick off the bye week.

According to the blog Cincy Jungle, the Bengals' defensive line had a dinner on Monday at Boca, a restaurant in downtown Cincinnati. The rookies got to pick up the tab.

Various Instagram stories posted by the defensive line players and compiled by Cincy Jungle show a tab of $10,043.16 for drinks alone and another $1,649.52 for food, including $66 of candy bars and donuts. With a total tab of $11,692.68, that means rookies Sam Hubbard and Andrew Brown probably got to split the 10-person bill.

Brown posted a video of the receipts on his Instagram story and can be heard saying thanks to veteran Geno Atkins.

"No, thank you," Atkins responded. "Shoutout to the rookies."

Paying $5,000 each is almost downright reasonable compared to some other rookie dinners in the past. When former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was a rookie in 2010, he was stuck with a $54,000 bill. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones later implied he helped get the price lowered on that bill.

It appears the Bengals' offensive line also went out for a rookie dinner according to a post by first-round pick Billy Price and an Instagram video by seventh round pick Rod Taylor, who is on injured reserve.

The total and who paid remain a mystery.