Watch: Ranking the NFL's longest runs for shortest gains in 2018

Seattle Seahawks rookie running back Rashaad Penny isn't interested in the shortest distance between points.

In fact, Penny has proven on two occasions this season that he's willing to go the extra mile, or close to it, just to pick up a few extra yards.

Penny covered nearly the length of a football field Monday night just to pick up 17 yards, and it's the second time this season he has frustrated defenders by taking the scenic route.

NFL Next Gen Stats provided the greatest disparity on yards run and yards gained, and we list the top 10, providing videos in tweets when possible. Not every team tweets out a video of a run of minus-3 yards, even if it did cover 56.9 yards.

No. 1: Curtis Samuel covers 103.8 yards on 33-yard TD

Difference: 70.8 yards. Max speed: 20.5 mph

No. 2: Rashaad Penny covers 81.9 yards to gain 17

Difference: 64.9 yards. Max speed: 18.5 mph

No. 3: Ezekiel Elliott covers 96.1 yards to gain 32

Difference: 64.1 yards. Max speed: 16.5 mph

No. 4: Mitchell Trubisky covers 71.9 yards on 8-yard TD

Difference: 63.9 yards. Max speed: 18.3 mph

No. 5: Joe Mixon covers 56.9 yards to lose 3

Difference: 59.9 yards. Max speed: 17.3 mph

No. 6: Rashaad Penny covers 82.3 yards to gain 30

Difference: 52.3 yards. Max speed: 19.3 mph

No. 7: Spencer Ware covers 61.9 yards to gain 12

Difference: 49.9 yards. Max speed: 14.4 mph

No. 8: Tarik Cohen covers 56.8 yards to gain 7

Difference: 49.8 yards. Max speed: 20.3 mph

No. 9: Kareem Hunt covers 70.5 yards to gain 21

Difference: 49.5 yards. Max speed: 15.3 mph

No. 10: Josh Allen covers 49.8 yards to gain 1

Difference: 48.8 yards. Max speed: 18.1 mph