Lane Kiffin trolls Kentucky assistant with retweet

Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is no stranger to social media fun and social media trolling. Really, he's as crafty with his keyboard as he is with his play calling.

He's used his Twitter account to poke fun at archrival Auburn and former employer Tennessee. Kiffin has mastered the quirky use of Bitmoji and his use of social media usually leaves most snickering.

Well, Kiffin didn't disappoint Tuesday night when ESPN 300 quarterback Mac Jones flipped from Kentucky to Alabama. All Kiffin did was retweet perturbed Kentucky co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw, who wasn't thrilled about losing his four-star 2017 quarterback prospect.

To make matters worse for Hinshaw, Jones responded on Twitter to the low-key shade Hinshaw threw at him with his subtweet.

"Nothing but respect to the program but an old man acting like a 12 year old," Jones wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

I'm sure a giddy Kiffin was giggling into the latter stages of the night after that gem.

Some might scoff at Kiffin's strong troll game, but it's fun for college football. Yes, it's an annoyance to his subjects and the fans of said subjects, but it keeps that human side of a sport mostly run by robots. What makes Kiffin's antics even better is that his boss is Nick Saban, who doesn't tweet and doesn't even acknowledge Twitter and its dark recesses.

This is the same Nick Saban who was just taken to task by Michigan's Jim Harbaugh on Twitter over the whole satellite camp brouhaha.

And it's the same Saban who was just trolled by Michigan defensive back Jourdan Lewis on Monday when he posted the iconic picture of Allen Iverson stepping over now Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue with Harbaugh's face replacing Iverson's and Saban's replacing Lue's. It was utterly fantastic, considering that Monday was the 15-year anniversary of that play.

Lewis has since deleted the tweet, but it's just going to keep this fun Alabama-Michigan feud going. Some might find all of this childish and immature, but it's harmless fun. It provides laughs and a look into (gasp!) personality.

Good for Kiffin and Harbaugh for keeping things lighthearted. Now, if we can just get these two villains to join forces OR start picking on each other!