'Let's go win it': Inside the drive that kept the Titans' playoff hopes alive

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- With 1:27 left in the game, the Tennessee Titans had just one thing on their minds.

"Let's go win it," was quarterback Ryan Tannehill's message to his teammates as they gathered on the sideline to face the Kansas City Chiefs' defense.

They did just that. Tannehill directed a 61-yard drive in just four plays and 58 seconds, culminating with Adam Humphries' 23-yard touchdown reception to give Tennessee the 35-32 lead that was the final score. The improbable win over the Chiefs kept the Titans in the playoff hunt as they head into the bye week. How did it happen?

The Chiefs had just botched a short field goal attempt, turning the ball over to the Titans, who started at their own 39-yard line after Chiefs holder Dustin Colquitt had been penalized for intentional grounding.

Coach Mike Vrabel on what he told Tannehill on the sideline: "Go have some fun, man. Go win a game. Go compete!"

Tannehill one what he said to the offense: "Hey, let's go win this thing. No magic words or anything like that. It was just a belief and confidence in each other."

Humphries on his mindset: "We were fortunate to have a chance to get back on the field with our offense and have a two-minute drive to win the game. ... We knew we needed a touchdown, and we knew we had a tough quarterback who could step up in the pocket and make plays. We believed in him and believed in our offensive line. Receivers made plays, and Firk [Anthony Firkser] made a great play. It was just a great opportunity to go and win the game."

OT Taylor Lewan on the offensive line: "We came together as an offensive line and said, 'This is on us. If we protect, we are going to get it done.' Tannehill had been dicing dudes up all year since he's been in. Our receivers had done a great job. Like I said, it was on us. We needed everything we had on the next few plays to determine the outcome of the game and it did. I am proud of the boys, man."

Tannehill on the offensive line: "They were able to give me time for those long-developing routes down the field. When you're able to do that, it puts a lot of pressure on the defense and the secondary to cover for a long time. It started with the offensive line giving me time."

TE Jonnu Smith on Tannehill: "Ryan [who had an 18-yard scramble on the first play of the drive] was looking like me out there running the ball. Ryan is a dog. We have got so many dogs on this team."

Tannehill on his challenge to the receivers: "I told the receivers, 'I'm going to need you guys to make some plays,' and they did. Firkser [who caught a 20-yard pass on the drive] then Hump [Adam Humphries] on the two-minute drive. Just the belief we have and the selflessness that our guys have to find a way to win."

Anthony Firkser on the huddle: "When we stepped into the huddle, Ryan [Tannehill] gave us a call. We knew what we had to do. We run it in practice every week so we kind of knew we had to make a play. Ryan was being a great leader keeping everyone poised. ... You can't get caught up in the moment."

Humphries on the game-winning catch: "That was another tempo play, no-huddle. Just four seams. I knew if we got 'two man' -- which we did -- I could try to win inside and it could be a big play and it turned out to be a touchdown. I knew exactly what coverage it was and what route I had to do to win."

RB Derrick Henry on Tannehill's confidence: "[Tannehill] knew that we would go down there and score. Receivers get open, and he'd get it to them, and that's what we did."