Two brilliant Southern Brave run chases today, in their first home games. Anyone else exhausted?! And to think, eight games in the space of 36 hours starting at 11am tomorrow... Thanks for joining us, and be sure to check out Alan Gardner's report shortly.

Chris Jordan is speaking to Sky: "Good to get our first win on the board. It was just good to get the first one out the way. You have to pride yourself on getting the job done for the team in those situations. You put in the hard work every day for those types of moments. [Pitch?] We thought with the way we bowled, we let them have 10-15 runs too many. Once the rate gets up to 12s, 13s you remain as calm as possible. [Fielders/over-rate penalties?] It's a good addition to the game. We couldn't get the wickets in the middle and that's where we lost our time, when Livi and Hammond were putting together a big partnership and we were making plans. [Vince?] He's a class player, you see that day in, day out, in all formats. He's going from strength to strength. Long may that continue."

James Vince is the Match Hero. "We are relieved," he says. "Got fairly tight but credit to CJ at the back end. [Own form] It probably gives me a bit more confidence in my own game. First time on a hybrid, the ball came on and suited my game. Delighted to make a contribution. Mahela has done a lot of the speaking and made it clear we were nearly there. Jordan held his nerve well, he's a man you want in that situation. Nice to be home, thought the support was outstanding. We had our first two on the road so to get here in front of a packed house was awesome."

Neil Adam: "Crucial drops, overthrows ... Phoenix have lost this in the fielding, as much as anything else."

9.29pm: Thrilling win for Brave. The match looked like it was slipping away from them. Adam Milne was outstanding, 3 for 15 in 20 balls. Could have been less if that wide hadn't been given, but maybe Brave deserve that luck. Don't forget James Vince's super innings. Kept his team in the hunt while no one around him was able to do much.

Helm to Jordan, 2 wides, Brave win by taking a run off a wide ball. They've got on the board. Bowled on a length but going down leg. Jordan was looking to paddle it fine, can't connect. Dawson hares down the pitch and Jordan responds, though a mite late. He's quick enough to make it to the other end. One wide and one run, and Brave have won.
Helm to Jordan, 2 runs, dropped at deep midwicket. It's Howell, who has been good in the field. Banged in short again, Jordan goes for the glory shot, trying to hit six to win, the ball hasn't got the legs on it and Howell is in position to catch it, gets it into his hands and shells it.

4 needed off 4 now.

Helm to Jordan, 1 wide, pressure telling on Helm, he bowls this well down legside. Wide.
Helm to Jordan, FOUR, one-bounce four to square leg. That was very close to being a six. Short ball and Jordan swivels to pull this hard, connects well. Pietersen points out that deep square leg would have been in place but can't because the extra fielder has to be in the circle.

We've got a pitch invader, so there's a slight hold up.

9 needed off the last 5. Helm to bowl. Jordan is still on strike. Razor's edge and all that. Plus only 4 fielders outside the circle.

Brave 2nd innings Partnerships

1st27JM VinceQ de Kock
2nd55JM VinceDP Conway
3rd32DP ConwayAL Davies
4th6RA WhiteleyDP Conway
5th6C de GrandhommeRA Whiteley
6th9RA WhiteleyCJ Jordan
7th17LA DawsonCJ Jordan