8:33 pm That'll do it for tonight from me. I'm Peter Della Penna. Tomorrow is an off day in the tournament. So come back on Tuesday for the next CPL action when Jamaica Tallawahs pay a visit to Basseterre to take on St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots. Bye for now!

GAW captain Shoaib Malik: "It feels great. We're on the road for the next five games and looking forward to those games. Before I start praising [Rutherford and Pooran] I must praise Chandrapaul, the way he batted up front. When your opener scores runs, it allows your middle order to play with freedom and of course those two guys were exceptional. I was expecting 160 but the way they batted, Pooran and Rutherford, was exceptionally well."

Tridents captain Jason Holder: "Definitely not the start we wanted. Still a few positives. I thought we bowled well until the 15th over. We didn't close the innings as well as we would have liked. I just felt we were a little short of executing our plans. We lost two or three wickets in our Powerplay. I thought the wicket was good throughout."

Nicholas Pooran is named Man of the Match for his half-century. "It was just the right time. We have a really young team. Today I just took the responsibility to bat to the end. Today was my night."

8:16 pm Guyana moves to 3-0 joining TKR at the top of the table with a thumping win tonight set up by the fireworks from Pooran and Rutherford at the end of the Amazon Warriors innings. There's a lot to like about this Guyana side which has been in need of some batting firepower for several years now and the early signs are they may have found the right formula. Shepherd then backs it up with four wickets. Dominant display by the home side.

Shepherd to Lamichhane, OUT, yorker cleans up Lamichhane! Heat-seeking missile explodes the base of middle stump. Shepherd takes four to wrap up the match!

S Lamichhane b Shepherd 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Shepherd to Lalor, 1 run, slower ball lands full on off, flicked across the line to deep square leg.

TV commentator John Hastings says Lamichhane had a bad reaction to some medical cream and that was his reason for being off the field and being unable to bowl his full quota.

Shepherd to Lamichhane, 1 bye, full ball outside off, misses a wild heave but Pooran can't collect and it escapes for a bye.
Shepherd to Lamichhane, 1 wide, bouncer, Lamichhane flinches as he backs away.

Looks like Biswas will get his wish. Here comes Lamichhane at No. 11. For those just joining us, he only bowled one over and spent a significant amount of time off the field in the first innings. Slip brought in for the No. 11.

Shepherd to Primus, OUT, flat-batted to long-on! Short on off stump, slogs this flat to Hetmyer three yards in from the rope. Late lunge forward to claim this before it hits the turf at shoetop height.

RS Primus c Hetmyer b Shepherd 14 (13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 107.69

Tridents 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0AD HalesJ Charles
2nd26J CharlesLS Boucher
3rd15JP DuminyLS Boucher
4th3JP DuminyJL Carter
5th9JP DuminyJO Holder
6th22JP DuminyAR Nurse
7th44AR NurseRS Primus
8th0RA ReiferRS Primus
9th11JK LalorRS Primus
10th3JK LalorS Lamichhane