Ticketmaster apologises for World Cup mix-up

Cricket fans in East London gather at an event to mark one year until the 2019 World Cup Getty Images

After more than 4000 fans were mistakenly informed that they had got tickets to the 2019 World Cup, the tournament's ticketing partner has issued an apology for causing the mix-up.

Ticketmaster had sent out several emails on Friday titled "Cricket World Cup 2019 - confirmation of payment" to fans who had entered a ballot process that asked them to select the games they wished to attend. The plan was to put them all into a lot and pick the winners from there, but things went wrong.

According to BBC, no money has been taken from these fans. It has been reported that 2.7 million people had applied for the 800,000 tickets that became available and that 450,000 of them have already been sold. Ticketmaster has not issued any information on potential refunds for those that received the false email.