Griffin's Chovy on his ridiculous KDA of 104 and the strength of his team

Chovy will be joining DragonX in the LCk. Ashley Kang

Having a good Kill/Death/Assist ratio is one of many metrics to decipher a good player from a bad one. You can generally say that a high KDA is good -- we don't think anyone would disagree with that. So what does it say about a player who has reached a monstrous 104 KDA? Well, it says Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon has 44 kills, 60 assists, and only one death after ten games in the LCK. Here's what he had to say after reaching that milestone.

ESPN: You've just beaten a powerful opponent, SK Telecom T1. How are you feeling at the moment?

Chovy: We've beaten a powerful opponent, SKT, 2-0 ... I'm very happy. I think we can close out the rest of the matches from here as well.

ESPN: Many people saw SKT as an equal to Griffin, or a close second place in the LCK. Yet you've overwhelmingly beaten SKT 2-0. How you feel about that?

Chovy: All the members of SKT are strong players, and SKT is a powerful team. The mechanical prowess of individual players can shine at any moment [in the games]. Yet, Griffin had better teamwork today, and the laners also went toe-to-toe with their opponents. That's why I believe we won.

ESPN: So Griffin's laners performed as well as SKT's, while Griffin had better teamwork?

Chovy: Yes.

ESPN: Also, Chovy, your individual KDA went above 100 today. This has never happened [in the LCK] before. What's your thought on this achievement?

Chovy: Originally, I didn't notice my KDA during the matches. I wasn't even interested in my KDA until it went past 60. It was at that point when I went, "Wow, it's above 60?" As my KDA kept going up, I'd keep thinking about it more and maybe started getting a little greedy for it to go even higher.

However, once you start chasing for KDA too much it can strain your performance in the matches. So I try not to be concerned about my KDA just in case it impacts my performance. Also, my KDA feels a little surreal because it is so high at this point.

ESPN: You may not notice it in the game, but you may feel a bit of pride about your KDA once the game is over.

Chovy: Yep, I'd say so.

ESPN: A high KDA means that you are not recording deaths while getting many kills yourself. That kind of feat easier said than done. Chovy, just how are you achieving this?

Chovy: Hmmm ... If the team's performance is good, you will win fights. You'll push the game towards a lead. In this process, when there is a kill in the game it will be towards the better team. We've been playing like this all the time. So I think that is why I have a high KDA.

ESPN: Chovy, you picked Lissandra and Galio today. You weren't able to pick your signature pick Akali, nor Irelia. I'd like to ask your thoughts on those two champions, and whether you still consider them to be viable.

Chovy: These two champions, Akali and Irelia ... I like to pick them whenever there is an opportunity. And If there isn't an opportunity, I try to prepare a strategy for that, too.

ESPN: The Mid-Season Invitational has been announced recently. Have you seen the news?

Chovy: I know that it is happening in Vietnam and Chinese Taipei.

ESPN: Are you also aware of the requirement for qualifying for MSI?

Chovy: I think you have to win the Spring Split.

ESPN: If you come first place in the Spring Split, you will head to MSI. Is that something that's also on your mind right now, given that Griffin is doing well in the LCK?

Chovy: To win ... this is something that I've changed my mind on recently. Originally, my goal was to win the split, but now my goal is to get my performance to a peak within the matches. If we can get our performance closer to perfection, then victory will naturally follow. That is what I believe now.

ESPN: So you don't think about winning the split, or going to the international tournaments?

Chovy: If I become better at League, these things will naturally happen. I just try to focus on a single thing at a time.

ESPN: You mention "coming closer to perfection." What do you think that Griffin can to do to improve even further from here?

Chovy: We'll find more things if we were to look for them. However, if I had to pick a single thing, it would be the [creep score]. Being able to take every single thing possible in the game will be the first step towards us reaching a perfection.

ESPN: Would you say that you can improve on [creeps score] in order for Griffin to improve?

Chovy: There are many more things, but it will be difficult to mention them and explain them. I'm going with a single thing that is easiest to achieve; the most obvious thing to do.

ESPN: Griffin is currently on a winning streak. Do you think there is any team that can challenge Griffin at this time in the LCK?

Chovy: One day, a team that can challenge us might appear. Even now there are teams that are improving who may eventually get to that level. I guess we will have to play against every single one of them before we know for sure.

ESPN: There are even expectations that Griffin will go undefeated this split. Do you think that will happen, Chovy?

Chovy: Without losing a single game ... that would be great if that happened. If we got unlucky and dropped a game, I will feel a bit of regret. If I can keep winning every one of them, I would like to.

ESPN: Thank you for the interview. The spring split is still in its early phase. If you could give your resolutions for the rest of the split, it would be appreciated.

Chovy: It's still the beginning of the split, and I will not try to be arrogant just because we've won the first five series. There are more matches to go, so I'll prepare hard to finish the remaining matches of the split well, too.