Matthew Berry's Love/Hate for Week 13: The worst fantasy football moves of the year

Joe Mixon has scored multiple touchdowns in four straight games and faces a porous Chargers run defense on Sunday. Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire

We have all been there.

When we have made a move, a move that seemed smart at the time. A move that was well reasoned and researched ... at the time. Or a move that was minor, an insignificant drop to clear the way for a waiver grab.

The point is, a move that made sense in the moment but now, much later, in the cold light of day, you realize was a horrible, horrible mistake.

The blood drains from your face and your jaw drops as you see a player, your former player, scoring massive points for someone else. Points that could have been yours. That should have been yours. But they're not. And it's your own dumb fault.

Your significant other might not understand. Your parents or kids might not understand. But your fellow fantasy football managers? Oh, they understand. They will commiserate with you. Because they've all been there too.

How do I know? Because I just asked them. Hopefully this makes you feel better. Because no matter how bad a move you made this year, at least you're not one of these managers. That's right, kids. With my annual apologies to the band Oasis, it's time for the 2021 edition of Don't Look Back in Anger. As always, these are actual moves by actual fantasy managers in the Fantasy Life app, a social community for fantasy players. (Full disclosure, I have an equity stake in this app.)