Fantasy football trade index and rest-of-season rankings: Gibson and Montgomery rush toward the top

Player value continues to adjust even as we approach the fantasy football playoffs, so we continue along with the latest rest-of-season rankings and trade index, inspecting the trends for your enjoyment and debating pleasure.

Injuries always play a role at this (and all times) of the year. Plus, we have one more week of byes, which matter as well. Some players simply have more games, thus more opportunities to score. Regardless, it is always free-agent pickup season and one's efforts to improve their fantasy teams should never stop. Good luck!


Rankings changes: The No. 1 spot remains fluid, with Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Tom Brady and Los Angeles Chargers star Justin Herbert moving up. After all, no quarterbacks average more PPR points per game than those two do. We cannot ding Buffalo Bills star Josh Allen too much for playing on a windy Monday night, but alas, he has reached 21 PPR points in only one of his past five games now and he has another game remaining with the strong New England Patriots defense. Baltimore Ravens runner Lamar Jackson has had three consecutive disappointing statistical outings.