Coronavirus lockdown: Evra gives Rooney and Sir Alex the Faceswap treatment

With almost all football postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic, star players have found themselves at a loose end.

With many training grounds off-limits, clubs have sent footballers home, where they're adhering to an isolation period for the next few weeks. How are they passing the time?

ESPN will be keeping a daily eye on what the world's best are up to, as well as how clubs are keeping busy by battling in online competitions against each other.

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Wayne Rooney x Sir Alex Ferguson

Patrice Evra has once again been indulging in the simple pleasure of the Faceswap app, this time melding together Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson to create "Sir Wayne Roogusson." We don't think this will be the last of his efforts.

Pepe Reina

After contracting and recovering from coronavirus himself, Pepe Reina is now back to rude health and trying desperately to keep boredom at bay.

Indeed, the Aston Villa goalkeeper went to the effort of constructing a skit in which four eggs were lined up in a row.

"I Want To Break Free" by Queen begins to play. Then, just as Freddie Mercury belts out the first line, the shiniest of all the hard-boilers pops up, "breaks free" and proceeds to dance around the room.

"We continue at home but always with a smile," Reina wrote.

He may well have succumbed to the isolation, but at least he's having fun.

Claudio Bravo

In further goalkeeping news, Claudio Bravo posted an update to show that he's making sure his skills remain honed during quarantine.

With a rebound net set up in his back garden, the Man City stopper shared a series of videos in which he demonstrated his impressive array of handling abilities.

Nice, though we can't help but wonder why Bravo cut his scorpion kick attempt so short.

Sergio Aguero

Not to be outdone, City teammate Sergio Aguero also soaked up the spring sunshine in his back garden while sweating through a variety of fitness drills.

Antonio Rudiger

Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger debuted a bizarre new hairstyle on social media after deciding to stop halfway through shaving his head.

Dani Alves

Dani Alves is still dancing away merrily.

This time while wearing a dapper hat and making sure his thigh muscles are properly lit!