Mario Balotelli celebrates New Year with fireworks, not in his bathroom

There were no pyrotechnics and precious few goals at Liverpool in 2015 from Mario Balotelli, but he did break one hoodoo on the final evening of the year: his poor record with fireworks.

The Italy striker wished his 3.4 million Instagram followers a happy New Year with a video of himself setting off a few rockets in his backyard.

�������������� Countdown

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It recalled one of the most memorable of the countless incidents that made Balotelli's spells in England so enjoyable, despite his mixed fortunes on the pitch.

In October 2011, while at Manchester City, Balotelli's bathroom was ruined by a friend setting off dozens of fireworks, causing the fire brigade to be called.

It came the day before he was due to play in the Manchester derby at Old Trafford, which was to prove memorable for all the right reasons. Upon scoring the first of his two goals as City dismantled United 6-1 -- the Red Devils' worst home defeat since February 1955 -- Balotelli lifted his shirt to unveil the slogan, printed on a T-shirt: "Why Always Me?"

But Balotelli, now on loan to AC Milan, proved this New Year's Eve that he is a wiser, more experienced head these days as he welcomed in 2016.

Happy New year!!!!

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In a move that may have alarmed his neighbours and local emergency services, Balotelli posted a video on Instagram in the afternoon in which he promised: "Tonight I will make you a nice video with fireworks."

Responsibly -- and with a knowing smile -- he added: "Be careful with fireworks."

Clearly referring to his torrid time at Liverpool, he went on to say: "I will wish you the best New Year's ever, because this year been shhh... you-know-what."

Around midnight, Balotelli proved as good as his word as he posted a video of his fireworks being let off safely and without incident. He even left the house this time.