PSG's Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets his own back on Lyon's Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa

It takes a brave or foolhardy man to take on Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a duel, though that didn't stop Lyon defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa from pulling out all the stops in his attempts to wind up the PSG striker when the two sides met on Sunday.

When Lyon took the lead, Yanga-Mbiwa decided it was a good idea to rile Ibrahimovic by busting out a little celebratory jig just inside the Swede's peripheral vision.

However, the festivities didn't last very long for the France international, as he soon found himself on the wrong end of a bit of swift retribution.

While attempting to shepherd the ball back to his goalkeeper, Yanga-Mbiwa was unceremoniously shunted to the ground by Ibrahimovic, who merely started chuckling to himself as the Lyon man protested.

That said, it was Yanga-Mbiwa who eventually came out on top as Lyon registered a 2-1 victory to duly end PSG's aspirations of making it through the entire Ligue 1 season unbeaten.