Ronald Koeman faces Everton fans backlash after Christmas tree gaffe

While it may be the season of goodwill to all men, it would appear that the sentiment doesn't quite extend to Everton manager Ronald Koeman -- and, specifically, his Christmas tree.

The Dutchman proudly shared a photo of his fully festooned tree on Twitter only to face a fervent and immediate backlash from Toffees fans who took issue with the colour theme of the decorations.

Allow us to furnish you with the merest sample of the dissent aimed at Koeman.

However, in what would prove to be an impressively swift response, Koeman posted a second photo of his tree.

Within the hour, Everton boss Koeman showed off an entirely new set of decorations. Crucially, this time the baubles on his Christmas tree were of a more neutral hue.

Amazing. How's that for a no-nonsense turnaround?