Darmstadt invite Twitter fan Barack Obama to a game

Many football clubs around the world boast some incredibly famous fans.

Man City are Jackie Chan's team of choice, Liverpool regularly have James Bond (OK, Daniel Craig) in attendance at Anfield and, even more bizarre, Peterborough can number Mike Tyson among their faithful.

However, there is one team that, despite currently languishing at the very bottom of the Bundesliga, can comfortably outdo the big boys in terms of celebrity pulling power.

That's because Barack Obama -- the former President of the United States -- follows but one football club on Twitter: SV Darmstadt 98.

Indeed, after a local German radio station scoured Obama's Twitter contacts, it surprisingly discovered Darmstadt are the one and only team listed among the 631,000 accounts the ex-POTUS follows.

The club immediately sought to capitalise, getting their U.S. international striker Terrence Boyd to send a personal video message, inviting Obama to attend an upcoming game.

"We've heard that you follow us as the only European soccer club on Twitter. It's a huge honour for us at Darmstadt 98," Boyd says in the video. "Now that you've got a little more time for yourself, we'd like to invite you to a game at the Bollenfalltor. We've got the fitting jersey for you as well. So, see you at the Bolle."

As yet, Obama hasn't responded -- we suggest you definitely watch this space!