Sutton goalkeeper Wayne Shaw enjoys FA Cup match with a drink and a pie

Sutton United's magical FA Cup run ended with a loss to Arsenal on Monday, but that didn't stop reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw from having a good time -- and even risking a possible infraction from the Football Association.

Just the sight of a 280-pound keeper had the 46-year-old in the news before Monday night's game, but Shaw took it a step further during the game.

With the cameras rolling at non-league Sutton's tiny Gander Green Lane, Shaw made the absolute most of his 15 minutes of fame as his club lost 2-0 to Arsenal at the FA Cup.

First, a BBC reporter caught him grabbing some half-time refreshment:

Then he couldn't quite make it to full-time before having a snack:

It's the kind of small-club fun that makes the FA Cup so beloved, but was it all really so innocent?

Sutton's shirt sponsors for the game were Sun Bets, who just happened to advertise this wager an hour before kickoff:

Shaw told the Daily Mail that he was aware of the offer, but he denied that he placed a wager on it, which would be a direct violation of FA gambling rules.

"A few of the lads said to me earlier on what is going on with the 8-1 about eating a pie," Shaw said. "I said I don't know. I have eaten nothing all day, so I might give it a go later on.

"As I say what is that, they had us at 8-1 to eat a pie. I thought I would give them a bit of banter, and let's do it. All the subs were on, and we were 2-0 down.

"I went and got it at half-time from the kitchen. I had it all prepared and ready to go. It was meat and potato."

But did he know anyone who had put money on him to eat the pie?

"I think there were a few people. Obviously, we are not allowed to bet. I think a few of the mates and a few of the fans, it was just a bit of banter for them," Shaw said. "It is something to make the occasion as well, and you can look back and say it was part of it, and we got our ticket money back."

But Sutton manager Paul Doswell was not entirely pleased and couldn't say if Shaw had worked out pie-gate with the betting company in advance.

"The reality is I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me," he said. "I don't think it shows us in the best light."