What did Fraser Forster say to James Milner before his penalty miss?

Sunday's 0-0 draw between Liverpool and Southampton wasn't a game for the history books. The visiting Saints didn't register a shot on goal, nor did they seem particularly interested. Meanwhile Liverpool huffed and puffed but couldn't blow Fraser Forster's house down.

The game's biggest talking point was James Milner's missed penalty, notable in that it was his first failure from the spot since 2009. Which had us wondering: For someone so normally dialed in from 12 yards out, did Forster's pre-kick words in Milner's ear have anything to do with it?

Watch the above clip (U.S. only) and try to imagine what Forster may have said.

Our best guesses as to a photo caption:

- "I'm diving to my left, mate. Honest!"

- "Bet you 10 pounds you miss this one."

- "No pressure, James. None at all. Just a penalty to give your team three precious points. Would be a shame if you belt it to my right ..."

What do you think?