Montpellier find use for misspelled replica shirts

After a manufacturing error left them with hundreds of misspelled replica shirts on their hands, French side Montpellier have come up with a novel way of getting rid of the surplus.

A design glitch meant that every Montpellier 2017-18 jersey produced in the initial run ended up with an 'L' accidentally being dropped from the club crest.

However, Montpellier have devised a plan to get rid of their flawed merchandise by shipping the whole lot en masse to the city of Montpelier - with one 'L' - in Vermont, United States.

Bill Fraser, city manager of Montpelier (VT), has since confirmed that the shipment has been arranged, but that he has no idea exactly how many football shirts it's likely to contain.

According to the Associated Press, there are tentative plans to welcome the jerseys with an event on the Statehouse Lawn that will see kids from the Montpelier High School play several back-to-back matches while wearing them.

"We have nice things for our students here but certainly not the level of professional jerseys," said Matt Link, the school's athletic director.

"While the jerseys are not the schools' colours, I'm sure the kids will just be ecstatic."