Iceland's Emil Hallfredsson celebrates World Cup berth in unusual fashion

As you're no doubt aware, Iceland pulled off the incredible feat of becoming the smallest nation in history to qualify for a World Cup by virtue of a 2-0 win over Kosovo on Monday evening.

Of course, the victory sparked mass celebrations that went on long into the night.

However, Iceland international Emil Hallfredsson chose an altogether more serene and scholarly way to mark his nation's passing into football history: a game of naked chess.

The Udinese midfielder shared a photo of himself in a state of almost total undress (bar a fetching pair of red slippers), deep in thought while partaking in his favourite pastime.

Hallfredsson is perfectly entitled to celebrate reaching a World Cup tournament however he sees fit -- whether that should involve naked board games or otherwise.

That said, we can only imagine he finds it difficult to find willing opponents.