Birmingham boss Garry Monk pays for fan's backside tattoo

After delivering the club from relegation on the final day of the season, Birmingham manager Garry Monk has shelled out £100 for a supporter to have his (Monk's) face tattooed on his (the fan's) backside.

Going into the last match, Blues fan Kevin Tomlinson promised to go through with the tattoo should his team pull off the shock win over Fulham required to mathematically seal their Championship status for another year.

Birmingham went on to register an unlikely 3-1 victory at St. Andrew's that not only saved them from relegation but also ended Fulham's hopes of earning automatic promotion as well.

This left Tomlinson with a tattoo-based bargain to uphold, though unfortunately he was still some way short of his crowdfunding target.

That was until Monk himself stepped in and added the full £100 to the pot out of his own pocket.

So that's that. No excuses now. Tomlinson knows what needs to be done.

Normally we'd ask for photographic proof of the wager being completed, though given the precise location of the tattoo involved, we're more than willing to politely skip the formalities this time.