Brentford FC welcome new funeral partners in brilliant fashion

While hardly the most salubrious of sponsorship deals, Brentford have at least been able to crack an elite-tier Dad joke to welcome their latest corporate partners on board.

Indeed, The Bees have struck an agreement with a local undertaker to become the Championship club's official funeral partners.

They then went and announced it with a superb, if ever so slightly macabre pun.

Brentford aren't the first team to offer die-hard fans a club-themed funeral service, with the likes of Real Madrid and Barnet already advertising club-themed coffins and caskets.

Schalke even offer their most avid supporters the opportunity to be buried in a graveyard located in the shadow of their Veltins-Arena stadium. The only stipulation? As with the action on the pitch, you've simply got to arrive in the box at the right time to apply a fitting finish.