Worst misses ever? Striker has TWO shockers within seconds of each other

Lesotho mustered a narrow win over Tanzania in the qualifying rounds of the Africa Cup of Nations on Sunday, with a single goal from Nkau Lerotholi proving the difference between the two sides.

However, the Crocodiles might have been able to coast to a win with a lot less tension had Tumelo Khutlang converted a golden chance early on.

Rather impressively, Khutlang instead actually managed to squeeze not one, but two atrocious misses into roughly three seconds of utterly chaotic incompetence.

Good grief. The pitch looks like a bit of shambles but still, we can't go making excuses on Khutlang's behalf after that -- that was just plain old diabolical marksmanship.

The result took Lesotho level on points with Tanzania in the standings, though the latter have a slightly superior goal difference, meaning that both teams (as well as Cape Verde) could all still qualify heading into the final round in March.