Denmark must end dispute, 'save the face of Danish football' - Christian Eriksen

Tottenham Hotspur's Christian Eriksen called on the Danish football federation (DBU) to "save the face of Danish football" and resolve a conflict with the players' union that could force the country to field lower-league players in upcoming games.

The DBU and the Danish Football Players' Association have ended talks over a new agreement concerning players' commercial rights, with the old deal having expired after the World Cup.

Unless a solution is found, the DBU could be forced to put together a team of lower-division players to face Slovakia in a friendly on Wednesday and Wales in the UEFA Nations League opener on Sunday, with Ekstra Bladet reporting the federation is considering using futsal players for the matches.

"Let's move on now, DBU," Eriksen said in a statement published by the union. "We are again offering a temporary extension of the old agreement -- and then we would travel to Slovakia today. All of us, the whole national team. Together, we would enter the agreement, and together we can save the face of Danish football. We are all equal here and want to play football for Denmark -- as always."

Players would like to have the ability to arrange endorsements with companies that are considered competitors to those that sponsor the national team.

The union has accused the DBU of refusing to negotiate, but Eriksen said the standoff is not just about money.

"We have to solve this conflict now, and not just dig the trenches deeper," Eriksen said. "The old deal has worked for years and only has to be valid for one month longer. Sign, and we'll soon be sitting on the plane.

"We could all be at home with our clubs who pay our salaries, and home with our wives and children. There's a reason for why we are here, and it's not money. We are here because we love playing for Denmark, and we are proud of the many millions we earn for the youth and breadth of Danish football, including by taking part in the DBU's events and for their sponsors."