Jordan FA mulls Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein legal options

The Jordanian Football Association says it is studying FIFA rules to see whether they allow for the possibility of Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein succeeding president Sepp Blatter without going to an election first.

Jordanian FA deputy chief Salah Sabra told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the organisation's legal department is looking into the matter.

Sabra says there is no FIFA statute prescribing a new election in the event of the resignation of the president.

When asked about the possibility of Prince Ali serving as interim president, Sabra noted on Wednesday that Blatter is remaining in office until a new election, which is expected between December and March.

Sabra says Blatter "has resigned and not resigned. It seems he is giving himself another year [in office]. He might change his mind."

Prince Ali, who is the president of the Jordanian FA, lost to Blatter in the FIFA presidential election on Friday.