'Ghost goal' helps Pumas defeat Lobos BUAP in Liga MX Femenil

You could forgive Lobos BUAP players for being slightly disappointed with their 1-0 loss to Pumas in the Liga MX Femenil on Saturday.

There are ways to lose a game of football, some more acceptable than others. But when your team is defeated by a goal that doesn't even really come that close to crossing the line, it must be especially disappointing.

And that's exactly what happened to Lobos BUAP.

Dania Padilla sent a long pass in the 32nd minute onto the head of Fabiola Santamaria, who rose and guided a header towards goal.

The ball rebounded off the post and back across goal, with Nataly Avila stretching to poke it in, but only steering it the other side of the opposite post.

The Pumas players didn't even celebrate - why would they?! - but the "goal" still stood.

"Yes it influences [the scoreline]," said the understated Lobos BUAP coach Julio Cevada after the game. "The score-line finished 1-0 against us.

"I just watched the replays and the ball never went in, it hits the post and rebounds onto the pitch.

"The referee hadn't actually given the goal until going to the assistant referee. I don't know what made them give the goal."

Nor does anyone else in what has to be one of the officiating bloopers of the year.