Marseille's Gonzalez received death threats over Neymar racism claim - Villas-Boas

Marseille have reported to police that Alvaro Gonzalez received death threats following Neymar's accusations that the defender directed a racial slur at him.

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar made the allegation during and after Sunday's heated Ligue 1 match against Marseille, with an investigation launched into the claims.

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"I think Alvaro is OK but the death threats he has received are real," Marseille coach Andre Villas-Boas told reporters. "We have reported it to the police and now it depends on them. These are the consequences of certain actions and accusations.

"We are on the side of our player. The two teams will do the same which is to search for the truth. But we are certain that Alvaro is not a racist. We are going to do everything possible for the truth to come to light. I have no doubt.

"Neymar has also received false accusations in the past and has suffered from that."

Neymar was among five players sent off in stoppage time on Sunday. The forward got a straight red card following a video replay that showed he struck Gonzalez on the back of the head. Gonzalez and Neymar clashed a number of times throughout the encounter in Paris.

PSG have supported Neymar, who accepted responsibility for his actions. The former Barcelona forward has said that he wants Gonzalez to face punishment.

He wrote: "An action led to a reaction and got to where it arrived. I accept my punishment because I should have followed the path of clean football. I hope, on the other hand, that the defender will also be punished....I lost in the game and I lacked wisdom.

"Being at the centre of this situation or ignoring a racist act will not help, I know... We will meet again and it will be my way, playing football ...Stay in peace! Stay in peace! You [Gonzalez] know what you said ... I know what I did! More love for the world!"

Marseille beat PSG for the first time in nine years with Sunday's 1-0 win.