Scolari to offer Breno ‘new start’

Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari wants to help the incarcerated former Bayern Munich defender Breno to a new beginning.

Breno, 23, was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison for arson in July 2012 after setting fire to his own house under the influence of alcohol the previous year.

Last month, reports had suggested that Breno could soon be released on day parole with Bayern keen to offer him the role of a youth coach.

"We are really hopeful that he will get a sort of day parole. He could leave the prison from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. He needs to have a job for that," Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told Die Welt.

"That would also be in our interest. He could possibly work in our youth department. The foreigners' registration office has to approve as well."

Speaking to German newspaper FAZ in Sao Paolo this week, Scolari has also offered his help for the fallen star.

"I would like to ask those responsible, those who render judgments in Germany to consider if this boy has not deserved a second chance. Not only in Germany, but moreover in his native Brazil," Scolari said.

The Selecao coach said he was ready to support Breno on his way back into everyday life and hoped to find a solution to bring his current situation to an early end.

"If he is allowed to return to Brazil and football becomes his centre of life again, it would be a new beginning for him," Scolari said.

Whereas Scolari admitted that Breno made a major mistake, he urged that now was the time to grant him a second chance.

"Sometimes we make mistakes and when we have served our sentence it is sometimes too late. We would be grateful if those responsible in Germany listen to our plea even more so since it is a plea from all of Brazil," he said.

"We would be ready to do our share and help Breno in his integration into a normal life. Right now, I don’t know how, but he should get the chance to return to his home in order to be allowed a new start."