Breno set to be granted day parole

Former Bayern Munich centre-back Breno is to be released from prison on day parole, according to reports in Germany.

In July 2012, Breno, 23, was sentenced to three years and nine months for arson after setting fire to his own house while under the influence of alcohol the previous year.

Last month, reports suggested he could soon be released on day parole, with Bayern to offer him a role with their youth academy.

A weekend report in news magazine Focus said Breno would be granted parole after the go-ahead for social rehabilitation measures had been given.

“With this step, Breno has the chance to integrate into society as soon as possible,” a judicial officer at Stadelheim prison, where Breno is being held, told the magazine.

Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has offered support to the former Brazil Under-21 international, saying: "I would like to ask those responsible, those who render judgments in Germany, to consider if this boy has not deserved a second chance. Not only in Germany, but also in his native Brazil."

To “guard him from media excitement”, Breno will remain at Stadelheim prison and will be relocated to a day parole prison once the media storm has calmed down, the judicial officer said.