Holloway offers return for Owen Garvan

Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway has admitted there was “a way back” for Owen Garvan despite the midfielder’s recent Twitter outburst.

Daly: Strange case of Marange

But Holloway has shut the door on any reconciliation with summer recruit Florian Marange.

Holloway fell out of favour with the duo when he left them out his 25-man squad, with Marange threatening to “rip up his contract” and Garvan taking to social media where he made the comment that he would be at Crystal Palace “longer than (Holloway) will”.

But despite admitting that Garvan had talked himself out of the Eagles squad, Holloway offered an olive branch to the former Republic of Ireland under-21 player.

“He was really close to being selected,” Holloway told the Daily Mail. “In fact if it wasn’t for a conversation we had the week before I picked the squad, he would have been in my 25.

“He made it totally clear to me that he didn’t want to be in the 25 if he wasn’t starting almost every week. I couldn’t guarantee him that. But there is a way back.”

However, there seems to be no way back for former Bordeaux defender Marange, Holloway declaring there was no place at the club for the 27-year-old.

“With Florian I didn’t want his family coming over here if he wasn’t exactly the player we thought he was going to be,” Holloway said. “It’s as simple as that. I needed some pace in that backline and he hasn’t got it.

“There is nothing wrong with Florian if you are looking for a certain kind of player. No problem. I had to make a decision and I made it.

“What I tried to do was stop his family coming over here and going in the schools and all of that. His agent knew three or four days before the window shut. So he could have got him a French club so why didn't he?”