Geoffrey Kondogbia chose Inter Milan due to Roberto Mancini factor

Geoffrey Kondogbia has said it was Roberto Mancini who convinced him to choose Inter Milan over AC Milan.

Kondogbia, 22, is set to sign for Inter from Monaco after undergoing a medical with the Serie A club, although it had looked like was going to join their rivals AC Milan in recent days.

Speaking about his decision, the France international told Inter Channel: "To be part of this great club is a dream come true for me.

"I will be here for as long as possible: as a kid I used to watch Inter matches on television, and now I am part of this team. I immediately felt the fans' enthusiasm, and am waiting for them all at San Siro. Together we can do great things."

"I spoke with Mancini a few days ago and his words really persuaded me. I don't think you can turn down a club like Inter."

The fee of the deal is being mooted as €30 million, which is €10m less than had originally been reported, with the player being offered a €4m a season contract until 2020.

Inter are now turning their attention to other targets and could escalate interest in Mohamed Salah, who impressed while on loan from Chelsea at Fiorentina last season.

The Viola are keen to keep Salah in Florence, and sporting director Daniele Prade said: "We absolutely want to extend the loan for another season. But the player has the right to say no and choose whether he wants to stay or not.

"For the time being he hasn't said anything, but we are meeting his staff tomorrow and that will be decisive.

"We hope he is grateful for what we have done for him, and frankly I think the feeling I get is positive."