Cristiano Ronaldo 'CR7 cup' gelato on sale in Italy, amid Juventus transfer talk

Cristiano Ronaldo fever has reached Juventus fans near Turin, where a local ice cream maker has started to sell Ronaldo gelatos.

The "Bottega del Goloso" in the village of Vinovo, which has been home to Juventus' training centre up until the coming season -- when the first team will move into a new centre adjacent to the Allianz Stadium -- has launched the "CR7 Cup" ice cream in anticipation of the Portuguese forward's arrival at Juventus.

It was created "in the hope, shared by all Juventus fans, that the deal really does come through," the shop's owner told Sky Sport Italia. "We picked black and white as an homage to Juventus, but then decided also to add some colour with the fruit on the plate."

On Friday, speculation over Ronaldo's potential move to Juve caused the Italian club's share price to soar to the point where the team had to issue a statement about the rumours.

And, amid talk of a deal to bring the five-time Champions League winner to Serie A, Ronaldo's name was one of the most commonly searched terms on Italian search engines.

According to Sky Sport, many searches are being made in Apulia and Calabria in the south of Italy -- two regions with significant Juve fan bases.

After an Italian report on Thursday claimed that Ronaldo had accepted terms of a deal with Juventus, a source close to the superstar told ESPN that nothing has yet been decided over his future, though more meetings between the clubs could move talks forward.

Not everyone has been as excited, however, with Fiat employees grumbling about a report that said the car company could help pay Ronaldo's salary when the firm's employees have "not had a pay rise in 10 years."