Jurgen Klopp: VAR will get 'smoother' after part in Liverpool's FA Cup exit

LIVERPOOL -- Jurgen Klopp believes the use of the video assistant referee (VAR) will become "smoother" in the future, while West Bromwich Albion manager Alan Pardew says he is not a fan of the technology.

VAR was used at Anfield to overturn two of referee Craig Pawson's decisions in an action-packed first half, sparking scenes of confusion as Liverpool were beaten 3-2 by West Brom in the fourth round of the FA Cup on Saturday night.

Defender Craig Dawson thought he had put West Brom 3-1 up after a corner, but the goal was then disallowed for offside upon review, before Liverpool were awarded a penalty when Jake Livermore was ruled to have brought down Mohamed Salah after Pawson initially ignored Liverpool's claims.

"I think it's normal," Klopp told a postmatch news conference. "Of course, it will change these things. Is it nice that West Brom celebrates a goal and then somebody tells them it's not a goal? But I think that's what we actually always wanted. If a goal should be disallowed then it should be disallowed.

"Usually in these two situations after the game we talk about it and I have to explain a defeat which may be not was deserved because we did not get a penalty and they scored another goal."

On the penalty incident, Pawson took three minutes and 54 seconds to finally point to the spot but Klopp said he wasn't concerned about the length of time.

"It's normal in the beginning that it takes a little longer. I think that's normal. Is it cool in January when it's a cold for the players? Maybe not. But that will, I think, become a little more smoother, more fluent in the future."

Pardew, however, feels VAR creates disorientation among managers and supporters and slows down the game to a point that players run the risk of picking up injuries.

"I don't think that's what you want to see going forward if you're a Liverpool fan or a West Brom fan," he said.

"Firstly, there's no communication from the referee to us [unlike] the NFL where they give you: 'OK, we're going to go to VAR.' We didn't know what the decision was, why it was being stopped.

"I think there's a question there -- are we going to start taking the entertainment away from goals on the slight margins? I think that's a worry.

"The second one, you could argue that Jay has lifted his arm to stop him. Would Salah have got it in a normal game without VAR? I don't know.

"The bigger worry for me was that I think it was four or five minutes after the Salah decision [to the penalty]. So you're going from a high tempo and work-rate to nothing. We had a hamstring [injury] just after that.

"Now as a coaches, we have to change. We're going to have to get our players to do kind of a warm-up in that situation. You could says that's a lack of professionalism, I suppose. It's just bizarre.

"As a football person on the sideline, I wasn't comfortable with that first half. It was kind of a mysterious situation at times."

Meanwhile, Klopp admitted his side were second best Saturday as they record back-to-back defeats following an 18-match unbeaten run that ended at Swansea City on Monday night.

The result means Liverpool have exited the FA Cup at the fourth-round stage for the last three seasons and last won the competition in 2006.

"They deserved it, to be honest. I don't like to say it but it's the truth, West Brom deserved it so compliments to Alan and his side," Klopp said.

"We had big aims in this competition, we wanted to show that at least that we really wanted to stay in this competition."