Mexico fires multiple coaches from U20 team after investigation

After an internal investigation, the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) has fired members of the coaching staff of the women's Under-20 national team.

Monday's decision follows a request sent to FMF president Yon de Luisa on July 18 to look into the handling of the squad.

ESPN Mexico reported last Wednesday that head coach Maribel Dominguez and her staff were being reviewed for a "serious" matter.

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According to a statement released by the FMF on Monday afternoon, the investigators conducted interviews with more than 20 people, including parties involved and individuals who might have knowledge about the complaint filed.

Although the FMF found "no proof or evidence of sexual harassment or abuse by any person from the technical staff of the U20 women's national team towards its players," Mexico's federation noted that "sufficient evidence was found of a lack of leadership and inappropriate behaviors that are against the values of teamwork, by members of the technical staff."

"These members of the technical staff of the U20 women's national team were definitively separated," later added the statement, which didn't mention specific names," the statement added.

Mexico's U17 women's national team coach Ana Galindo will now take charge of the squad that will be heading to the U20 Women's World Cup in August. Monday's statement from the FMF highlighted that it will be up to Galindo to re-incorporate members of technical staff that were found to have "no evidence of any violation."

The FMF also noted that team psychologist Parma Aragon was not required to be a part of the investigation due to having no recent connection with the team.