Uruguayan football suspended after supporter's death

The Uruguayan Football Association postponed all matches in the country this weekend following the death of a Penarol fan.

Hernan Fioritto was shot on Sept. 28, reportedly by supporters of rival club Nacional, while celebrating Penarol's 125th anniversary in Santa Lucia.

He died on Friday, and the national federation suspended all games as a sign of mourning.

"The Executive Council of the AUF, after the lamentable fact of the death of a football fan aged just 21, has decided to suspend all activities organised by the AUF for this weekend," the governing body's statement read:

"As important to all Uruguayans as football is, there is nothing more important than the life of a human being and young football fan.

"It is impossible to return the life of Hernan Fioritto, let alone repair the damage and pain done to his family and loved ones.

"We have to think and reflect on what is the limit of passion, admiration and feeling for a football club.

"The Executive Council invites all involved in football and our society, without exclusion of any kind, to unite and work together, redoubling efforts and actively proposes with concrete action to save our main sport and passions."