35-15, 19-7 away
32-19, 19-8 home

Scoring Summary

2ndPollock homered to center (426 feet).10
2ndCastro doubled to right, Myers scored, Ona to third.11
3rdMuncy doubled to left, Seager scored, Turner to third.21
3rdSmith reached on infield single to catcher, Turner scored, Muncy to third.31
5thSmith doubled to deep center, Betts scored and Turner scored.51
5thBellinger singled to left, Smith scored, Bellinger to second.61
6thTaylor homered to left center (426 feet).71
7thProfar homered to right (395 feet), Moreland scored.73
8thMachado homered to center (421 feet).74
9thProfar singled to left center, Ona scored.75