3-4, 0-1 away
3-4, 1-0 home

Scoring Summary

2ndAdames doubled to deep right, Díaz scored, Wendle to third.01
2ndPhillips hit sacrifice fly to center, Wendle scored.02
3rdStanton singled to right center, Wade scored and LeMahieu scored.22
3rdHicks homered to left (406 feet), Stanton scored.42
3rdArozarena singled to shallow right center, Tsutsugo scored, Meadows to third.43
3rdWendle doubled to deep left, Meadows scored and Arozarena scored, Díaz to third.45
4thLowe doubled to deep left center, Meadows scored, Zunino scored and Tsutsugo scored.48
4thDíaz singled to deep right, Lowe scored.49
7thAdames homered to right (381 feet).410
8thLeMahieu homered to left center (403 feet).510