7-15, 4-8 away
11-11, 7-5 home

Scoring Summary

1stCruz tripled to deep right, Buxton scored.10
1stKirilloff singled to deep left, Cruz scored, Kirilloff out stretching at second.20
1stRamírez homered to right (411 feet).21
2ndReyes homered to left (452 feet).22
3rdHernandez scored on error, J. Ramírez safe at first on fielding error by left fielder Kirilloff, J. Ramírez safe at second on error.23
4thAstudillo singled to right center, Cruz scored.33
6thReyes homered to left (434 feet).34
6thBauers doubled to deep right, Naylor scored.35
8thBuxton homered to left (390 feet).45
8thHernandez walked, Naylor scored, Giménez to second, Bauers to third.46
8thLuplow hit by pitch, Bauers scored, Hernandez to second, Giménez to third.47